Applications running on my home lab cluster
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Adyanth H 00fb597c4a Stage on worker-2 2 weeks ago
argocd Prevent concurrency and set history limit 2 weeks ago
arrs ⬆️ Update Docker tag to v0.4.9 2 weeks ago
blocky Override IdP lookup 1 month ago
cloudflare-tunnel ⬆️ Update cloudflare/cloudflared Docker tag to v2022.10.3 1 month ago
drone ⬆️ Update drone/drone Docker tag to v2.15.0 2 weeks ago
filebrowser ⬆️ Update filebrowser/filebrowser Docker tag to v2.23.0 2 weeks ago
firefly 🐛 Fix path 4 months ago
gitea ⬆️ Update gitea/gitea Docker tag to v1.17.3 1 month ago
guacamole ⬆️ Update postgres Docker tag to v15 2 weeks ago
homer ⬆️ Update b4bz/homer Docker tag to v22.11.1 2 weeks ago
jellyfin Stage on worker-2 2 weeks ago
matrix ⬆️ Update matrixdotorg/synapse Docker tag to v1.71.0 2 weeks ago
monitoring ⬆️ Update grafana/grafana Docker tag to v9.2.5 2 weeks ago
photoprism ⬆️ Update photoprism/photoprism Docker tag to v220901 2 months ago
sealed-secrets ⬆️ Update Docker tag to v0.19.1 1 month ago
shortpaste New external-dns format 8 months ago
static-server Add replica count 1 month ago
traefik-stuff ⬆️ Update traefik/whoami Docker tag to v1.8.7 1 month ago
zitadel ⬆️ Update cockroachdb/cockroach Docker tag to v22.1.11 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Update image, set replicas to 2 8 months ago
.gitmodules Gitea 9 months ago
renovate.json Ignore default semantic prefix 4 months ago